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ALL:Makeup Students Shall Attend Class (Submit form before Februray 1st 2018)
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For makeup exams, students must attend classes and will get attendance mark, homework mark and experiment mark, etc.if there are,which helps you to pass as early as possible. 

If you have your grade class that time or other reason, please submit the Application Form for Not Attending Class before Februray 1st 2018 with hard copy or email Ms June( liguijie@sdu.edu.cn).And you will only get the paper mark which is out of 100(makeup at most 60).You do not have the pther part marks but only yhe paper mark.

If students are not approved by the office but did not attend class, he/she cannot take exam due to attendance regulations.
For courses like pathology, if you only need to take pathology 1 exam,please email Ms. June& Elaine beofre March 5th.


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