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Notice for Application of Distinguished International Students Scholarship 2018/2019
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Dear SDU International Students,
In accordance to the information for the application of Distinguished International Students Schorlarship (2018/2019) arranged by the Ministry of Education of China, the subsequent information is as follows:

1.Standard of the Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded to ten (10) International students, including full-time undergraduate students and graduates who have studied in SDU at least for one (1) year. Each undergraduate student will be awarded 18,000RMB at one time while each graduate student 30,000RMB.

2. Scholarship Quotas and Category of Candidate’s

1) Fixed Quota Candidates:

   Seven (7) Scholarships to be awarded:  

   Category: This is only for Self-supported undergraduates students.

2) Open Quota Candidates:

   Three (3) Scholarships to be awarded:

   Category: This is for both graduates and undergraduate student (including scholarship and self-supported students).

The quotas above are for all international students in SDU.

3.Application Eligibility

1) Applicants must excel in school and be proficient in study and research.

2) Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government, in good physical and mental health, and behave well in all aspects.

3) Priority will be given to those who actively participate in recreational and sports activities, practical activities or perform outstanding deeds.

4) Priority would be given to those who suffer from economic difficulties when the applicants have equal qualification.

4. Application method

Applicants must apply online and submit all relevant documents.

1) Apply online: Applicants must apply at (http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn) and complete the application form online. Note: Type is C, the agency number is 10422.

2) Paper Materials: Applicants must submit the following application form and documents.

a. Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form (Can be downloaded from the CSC website).

b. Proof of study provided by the university (MBBS students don't need to submit, office of school of BMS will supply it).

c. Copies of transcript with the stamp (MBBS students don't need to submit, office of school of BMS will supply it).

d. A short written piece entitled “My Story in China” (titles unlimited) of no fewer than 800 characters/words based on the experience and impressions of studying and living in China. Written in Chinese or in English.

e. A recommendation letter from the school. The letter must include the applicant’s performances in study, achievements in scientific research, awards, performances in recreational and sports activities, practical activities and the overall behavior in China.

f. Other supporting materials.

3) For the Open Quota Applicants:

Besides the above materials, these are also required:

a. Index certificate, acceptance certificate of journals (other papers cannot be accepted as support materials), or certificate of joint publication

b. Awards or patents in national or provincial competitions

c. Certificates of serving as student cadre or association leader.

d. Other certificates from the university with stamp from the relative offices in charge.

5. Submission

The deadline for accepting application is 4pm May 31st, 2018 (Thursday))

6. Contact us:

   Address:International Student Office, 2nd Floor, Building No.8, Baotuquan Campus;

                   Room 2243 International Students’ Apartment Building 2, Central Campus of Shandong University; International Student Office

   E-mail: liuhaihua@sdu.edu.cn, shizhenchun@sdu.edu.cn

   Tel: 88382725; 88366335


International Students and Scholars Centre SDU



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