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Notice for Selecting Outstanding 2018 International Graduates of Shandong University
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Notice for Selecting Outstanding 2018 International Graduates of Shandong University

Dear graduate students

SDU will be selecting several international students as outstanding graduates for 2018. The specific requirements are as follows:

Scope of selection:

Among Undergraduates, Masters and Ph.D. graduates.          

In principle, the proportion of the selected students should not exceed 10% of the total number of graduates for 2018.

Requirement of candidates:      

  1. Know China well, be friendly and love SDU, have good moral character, comply with national laws, regulations and school rules, without any disciplinary actions when studying in SDU.          

  2. Work hard on studies, have excellent academic grades and outstanding scientific research ability, without failing any course.          

  3. Serves choolmates enthusiastically and actively participate in cultural and sports activities organized by the university.          

  4. Priority will be given to students with outstanding scientific research achievements and innovative achievements and to students who have won honors for the university.

Procedure of selection          

  1. Please complete the "Application form for Outstanding 2018 International Graduates”(see attachment) and the form, the electronic version of the transcript and related materials to iapply@126.com before 12:00am June 18, 2018.        

  2. The international student office will publish the list of the outstanding students after the first round of the selection process within three days.          

  3. The outstanding graduates will be commended and awarded certificates at the graduation party on the evening of June 25.      

International Students & Scholars Center

June 14, 2018


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