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Notice to Pay Your Tuition Fees
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Notice to Pay Your Tuition Fees

Dear MBBS students,

According to the relevant regulations of Shandong University (关于印发《山东大学本科学生学分制管理暂行规定》的通知.pdf), students are required to pay the tuition fees within the first two weeks of each semester in order to apply for the resident permits and participate in the relevant academic activities. Those who fail to pay the fees are not allowed to select any courses. Before graduation, please make sure that you have paid the tuition for all the academic years in order to apply for your graduation diploma, or you will be disqualified from getting the graduation diploma.

Bank Account Information of Shandong University

开户单位: 山东大学

号: 244206255768

Swift code: BKCHCNBJ51B

开户银行: 中国银行济南市历城支行

Account nameShandong University

Account Number: 244206255768

Swift code: BKCHCNBJ51B

Bank name: Bank of China Jinan Branch Licheng Sub-branch

(Please DO write student’s name, student number and note that this sum of money is for international student’s tuition or accommodation fees ; Please make sure the account information is 100% correct).

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