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G2014:Visa Procedure for Coming Back
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Dear G2014 students,

For students who is not in China for rotation, when you come back, you cannot use travel visa but an X1 (student) visa, you shall prepare for TWO documents for JW202 form.

1. Copy of your first page of passport (photo page)(you can scan it or take a clear photo);

2. Application form(fill out all blanks of the attachment).

Payement: 160 RMB (your friend fetch JW 202 for you);400 RMB(you need the university post back to your country. Please write the detailed address). You can pay later when you are back.

Please send to me the two documents before 5:00 pm 25th Dec 2019.

Email Address: liguijie@sdu.edu.cn (June Li).

 10来华学习签证申请表(202表).doc (please click to downlaod)


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