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2020 Winter Holiday Notification
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2020 Winter Holiday Notification

Dear MBBS students,

The winter holiday is coming soon. Here we want to mention some important notice:

  1. Registration

    According to the school schedule, winter holiday is from Jan 13 to Feb 16. You shall come back before 16th and register on 16th Feb in Room 5107, No. 5 Building Medical Campus with the following documents:

    1). Passport (the office will help to copy pages of resident permit, entry seal and photo page);

    2). A one-inch or two-inch photo to put it on the Basic Information Form;

    3). Student book.

    If you cannot register on time, do ask for leave in advance. If your leaving application is approved, you can come accordingly. If you did not ask for leave or your leaving application is not accepted, you will be cut all attendance mark for missed subjects (please check the details from your handbook).

  2. Accommodation Registration Procedure

    Students who left China or changed address during winter holiday shall register in the local police station within 24 hours. Otherwise, he/she will be punished in accord to the law.

  3. Visa &Resident permit

    Please pay attention to your resident permit expiration date, or you will be fined for 500 RMB per day. From next semester, the office will collect the documents for it and students do not need to go to the central campus.

  4. Tuition fees

    Students shall pay the tuition fee for 2020 spring semester for whole 2020 year within two weeks(before Feb 28, or you cannot select courses( no class or exam).

  5. For students who stay in China during the winter holiday

    In order to ensure a safe living and learning environment during 2020 Winter Holiday, the Medical International Student Affairs Office would like to remind students to pay attention to the safety tips:

    1).Pay attention to using electricity safely. Do not use the prohibited or high-volume electricity appliances, like the electric stove. Do not personally change the electricity wires or structure without any permit. If any international student finds something unusual of the electricity use or appliances, please report to staff of the Dorm Service Office

    2). All international students must comply with Chinese laws and regulations in addition to our university’s policies. Any violation of national laws, ordinances and statutes will result in legal penalties from the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, and, according to the severity of the offense, students who commit violations will be given a serious warning that could lead to expulsion from the university. Please pay a special attention to the common violations such as illegal working with student visa, visa expiration, unruly behavior due to alcohol, and disturbing others when living off campus.

    3). Traffic and travel safety reminders: Please abide by all traffic laws and regulations and pay close attention to traffic safety. Riding motorcycles is not permitted. When riding battery-operated vehicles, do not over speed or overload. If riding a bicycle, do not go against traffic or run red lights.

    4).Tips to prevent theft and fraud: Do not carry a lot of cash when going out. Do not let strangers stay in your room. When leaving your room, make sure to lock windows and balconies. Refuse any form of sales promotion and protect your personal information. Take care of your personal documents, and do not let others use them on your behalf. Always carry a photocopy of your important documents (e.g. passports).

Emergency contacts: In the event of an emergency, please contact the relevant teacher(G14,16& 18Ms. June Li;G15,17&19, Ms. Tao.). If you need urgent assistance, please call one of the following numbers:

Public Security: 110

Fire: 119

First Aid: 120

We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday.

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