MBBS Education Center Announced the Punishment Decision of Two Students
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On 30th April, the MBBS Education Center held the meeting with class representatives from 5 grades. Ms. Helen as the host read the punishment decision of two students who have been duly expelled from our university following two recent transgressions made against the laws in China.

VR was from G2016 who was caught riding a motorbike without a license by the police. He was made to pay a substantial fine. MSU was from G2014 who tested positive for drugs during urine analysis. Their actions had set bad examples and brough  baneful influence to international students in Shandong University.

Mr. Ma from International Students and Scholars Center explained the school decision which aims to maintain the harmonious learning environment for the majority students. Assistant Dean Tang Yuchun hoped that everyone shall think carefully of their actions and abide by the rules and regulations of China and concentrate on the medical study.



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