Brilliant Sports Week 2019 of International Student (PDF Version attached)
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The much awaited International Students’ Sports’ Week of 2019 began on Monday, the 29th of April, organized by Grade 2015 with great zeal and energy. This year’s event was hyped to be one of the best that Shandong University has ever seen—and rightly so! The week saw a myriad of emotions and atmospheres as the four participating grades fought for the Overall Championship. The games included soccer, netball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess, basketball, track events and tug-of-war.

The first event of the week was the Badminton Tournament for both boys and girls, held at our campus’ indoor stadium.  With over thirty participants, the evening was filled with a tangible excitement and nail-biting suspense in each game culminating in the rise of the first male and the first female Badminton Champions in the international group.


As the week progressed, so did the tension. Table tennis, Chess, and Netball were organized into the next day and impressive skills and tactics were displayed by every participant until clear winners emerged from the talented bunch.


On Wednesday, the sun was shining high and bright as we really got into the Sports’ Week frenzy with the beginning of the Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball tournaments. Professional skills were on display, tempers were flared, and  the excitement continued on as we went through with these sports into the finals which were to be held on Friday, May 3rd.

In Soccer there were five teams for the boys and two teams for the girls. Each of the teams had trained and grown together over the years, showing great commitment and dedication to both the sport and to their teammates. The games were a show of the players’ strength and stamina and was a true testimony of their fighting spirit.



During the Basketball and Volleyball matches, the supporters were extremely active in cheering on their teams. The players of each team worked well and followed the guidance of their captains to perfectly execute their carefully thought out tactics. Every team was incredible to watch, their actions precise and effortless. The finals of each tournament had every spectator on the edge of their seat, with each team’s desire to win shining through.


The final events of the week were incorporated into the Fun Day, which was held on May 3rd, Friday. It included the finals for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Tug-of-War as well as several Track Events. We also had stalls selling delicious food set up by the international students as well as a sound system to liven up the events of the day. The atmosphere was buzzing with joy and merriment, as students gathered to cheer on their respective grade to victory.



The finals of the boys’ Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments had the audience enthralled as we watched the opposing teams battle each other to push to their victory, engaging both their physical and tactical powers to the fullest.


At the end of the Fun Day, medals and awards were distributed to the various winners of each sport and Track Events, and Grade 2015 was crowned the Overall Champions of Sports’ Week 2019.    

While each sport was amazing to watch, it should be noted that the event itself would not have been possible without the gracious help from our numerous volunteers who helped by being referees, lines-men, ball boys etc. There were members from each class that helped to referee the matches of the sports they took part in, in order to provide a fair grounds for each prevailing team to win. They also helped us set & enforce the rules of each sport, to provide a fair and just ground for every game.

On behalf of the organizing committee, and the hosting class, we would like to thank each and every student who had made their way to the grounds for any and/or every match we had. The support from every single one of you is what made the entire Sports’ Week a successful and memorable event. It had taken a lot of hard work and effort behind the scenes, for which we would like to extend our gratitude to the wonderful ladies at the International Students Affairs Office. We would also like to thank our exceptional referees for helping to guide each game with justice to both teams; no match would have been possible without them. Finally, we would like to thank the participants of every sport for your hard work and immense dedication to your respective games.  

Lastly, we would like to thank the G2015 Sports’ Committee for all the time and effort they poured into their respective duties, making the entire week a complete success. You guys are the best!

By Lenthuri Naidoo and Sushitha Chandran (G2015)


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