Credentials Verification

Credentials Verification
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186 Form: Applicants send relevant documents to Foreign Affairs Office, Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine in person or via mail. Foreign Affairs Secretary will verify the documents and complete the 186 Form. After the form is signed by the dean, applicants should pay for the Fedex mailing fee around RMB 310, and the Foreign Affairs Office would mail the documents to the US. It should be noticed that the mailing fee is not fixed, so students could contact (+86) 400-886-1888 to ask for the exact price.
345 Form: Applicants send their English transcripts together with other documents to Foreign Affairs Office, Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine in person or via mail. The following procedures are similar to those of the 186 Form verification.
ECIS Form/327 Form: Foreign Affairs Office, Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine verifies the received documents and completes ECIS Form. 327 Form is now verified online using the ECFMG online services. Applicants do not need to mail the paper version documents to Foreign Affairs Office. Instead, applicants should send their transcripts via email to the office as well as other relevant documents.
MSPE: Applicants contact Foreign Affairs Office, Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine via email to ask for the MSPE writing sample. After they draft their own MSPE and submit to the office, Foreign Affairs Secretary would check the authenticity, fine-tune the format and then mail to the US.
2. Medical Board of California
L2 Form: The L2 Form is mainly about the basic information about Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine (former Shandong Medical University).
L5 Form: The L5 Form is mainly about the detailed information about the applicants’ hospital practice. Applicants should fill in the form by themselves first, and send it to Foreign Affairs Office for verification. Please read the L5 Form carefully before filling in it. Usually the duration of clinical rotation should be no less than 72 weeks.
3. HEC, Pakistan for verification of Pakistan students: Please contact Foreign Affairs Secretary Ms Chen whose email is ecfmg
4. Notice
The above information is just for reference. Applicants are suggested to contact relevant institutions for further details. Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine’s main task is to verify the authenticity of applicants’ degree. It would be appreciated if applicants provide a list of verification requirements.
 English transcript inquiry: Applicants bring the ID card or university card to Shandong University Archive which is located on the third floor, Mingde Building, Central Campus. Open time: Weekdays except Thursday afternoon.Tel:0531-88364215.
Usually the mails should be sent directly from Shandong University to overseas institutions. The applicants could track the mails through Fedex tracking No.
The contact person for credentials verification mentioned before is Ms. Wang Xiaoying.
Address: Room 102, No.4 teaching Buliding, No. 44 Wenhua Xi Road, Shandong University School of Medicine, Jinan, Shandong Province, P.R. China.

Postcode: 250012. Tel: +86-531-88382709. Email: wangxiaoying@sdu.edu.cn.



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