Visa/ Residence Permit Hints for International Students of Shandong University
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 1. Please notice your visa types and valid days.

(1) For international students who would like to study in China, a study visa (X1 or X2) is required. For those who want to study for no more than half a year, an X2 study visa is required. For students that want to study for more than 6 months, an X1 visa is required. Students that don’t hold a study visa will not be admitted by Shandong University.


(2) The X1 visa should be changed to a residence permit within 30 days of your arrival in China. If you fail to do so you shall be penalized for illegal stay. There are several types of X2 visas: a 30 day, 90 day and 180 day visa. It is important to consider the “valid days’’ in China. “Valid days” are marked in the visa and indicate how many days you can stay in China starting from the day you arrive. For example, if you hold X2 visa with a validity of 180 days and the arrival date is February 20th 2016, then the days you can stay in China are 180 days starting from February 20th 2016 till ultimately August 19th 2016. Illegal stay or visa expiry will incur punishment from public security.


2. Required materials and procedures of residence permit for new international students.

(1) Materials required which must be submitted on registration

   Your original passport and the copies of the passport (Copies must be made of the personal information page, the visa page and entry seal page). The following original documents will also be required: Admission Notice from Shandong University, a JW201 or a JW202 form, a physical examination form, a registration form for International students (fill in with a black pen) and three passport- size photos.


(2) The residence permits application procedure.

   After registration new international students are expected to pay attention to the notices that are put up on the billboard or the website for international students. The billboards are located in the international students’ apartments and your respective colleges. A week after the registration took place, Shandong University will organize new international students in multiple groups to apply for a visa / residence permit at the Jinan Public Security Bureau.


   Attention: Please pay all your fees (this includes tuition, medical insurance premiums and accommodation fee) within two weeks after your registration. If you do not do so you will not be able to apply for visa / residence permit and not be able to enroll for your courses.


3. Visa/ Residence permit extension application procedures.

(1)Please bring your passport, student card and receipts of the payment of both the tuition fee and medical insurance premiums to the International Student Affairs Office (Room 2243, building NO. 2 International Students’ Apartment, Central Campus). Make sure you do this at least one month before your visa or residence permit expires.


(2) The International Student Affairs Office will provide you with a residence permit application form and a letter of introduction.


(3)Please bring your passport and a copy, your visa/residence permit application form, letter of introduction and application fees (400 for a year; 800 for 2 yearswhen you apply at the Jinan Public Security Bureau for a visa / residence permit.


4. Visa/ Residence permit application procedures for those who resume their study.

(1)Please pay your tuition and medical insurance premiums in Room 2239 building NO. 2 International Students’ Apartment, Central Campus.


(2)Please bring all the materials required as mentioned above in 2.1 to the International Students Affairs Office (Room 2243, building NO. 2 International Students’ Apartment, Central Campus) for application.


(3) The procedures are the same as mentioned above in 3.3.


 Special Attention:

1. The duration of a visa or residence permit that you can apply for is equal to the tuition fee and medical insurance premiums that you have paid. This means that if you have paid for one year’s tuition fee, you can get a one year visa / residence permit. The maximum visa or residence permit extension is two years. Students that owe fees cannot get any visa or residence permit extension.


2. If you have finished your study in Shandong University and want to continue your study here, please apply to International Students Affairs Office (Room 2243 building NO. 2 International Students’ Apartment, Central Campus) for visa or residence permit extension two weeks before your visa or residence permit expires.


3. The Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China regulates that if foreigners stay in China illegally, a warning will be given to them. If the circumstances are serious they can be fined with 500 for each day they stay illegally in China. If the circumstances are flagrant, they shall be fined and deported by the Public Security Authority.


4. The application term for a residence permit is 15 working days. In the meantime, your passport shall be kept by the Jinan Public Security Bureau and a “visa application receipt” shall be provided. This receipt can only be used as a temporary valid ID for identification and can be used for example to purchase a train ticket and for booking a hotel. It is not a valid ID to be used to apply for bank cards or to exit China.



Department of International Affairs

Shandong University

302, Block C, Mingde Building, Central Campus

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