How to extend your visa?
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Place and Contact information

Required Documents


Step 1, Pay the tuition fees & medical insurance and get the receipt

Finance Office, Room 2239, International Students Accommodation, Central Campus. Tel: 88364785


University does not accept any proof of bank transfer! Keep your receipt carefully.

Step 2, Show your receipt to International Students Office and collect the Letter A (students in school accommodation ONLY!) and Letter B for VISA extension

International Students Office, F2, Teaching Building 8, Baotuquan Campus. Tel: 88382725


Keep Letter A (students in school accommodation ONLY!) and Letter B carefully.

Step 3, Go to local police station and Complete Registration

Living in University accommodation (Baotuquan Campus), please go to Baotuquan Police Station for the registration. Address: No.158 Luo Yuan Da Jie.

 Letter A and passport

You must do re-registration within 48 hours when you come back to China.

Living in Chengji Centre or Wanhao SOHO, please go to Keyuan Road / Shanda Road Police Station for the registration. Address: No.8 Keyuan Road

 Apartment Lease Contract and passport

Step 4, Collect your VISA documents from International Affairs Department

Room 302, F3, Block C, Mingde Building, Central Campus. Tel: 88365879

Letter B and Registration Form from police station


Step 5, Go to VISA Bureau for the residence permit

No. 777, West Shunhua Road, High-Tech Zone. Address in Chinese: 济南市公安局出入境管理局,高新区舜华西路777号,齐鲁软件园D座对面

Forms, fees, required documents


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