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近期,我校公安处对违规进入校园的摩托车进行集中清理,其中一部分摩托车属于留学生。根据《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》,在中国驾驶摩托车必须持有合法的中国驾驶证和行驶证,同时, 根据《山东大学校园交通安全管理规定》,摩托车严禁驶入校园。学校将进一步核查违规驾驶摩托车的留学生,对确认有违规驾驶摩托车行为的留学生,将给予警告处分并予以通告,中国政府奖学金学生将停发奖学金。处分后如再有违规行为,将予以开除。

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In recent days, the Public Security Bureau is rectifying and cleaning up the motorcycle that entering campus, among which some belongs to our international students. Based on Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, Chinese driver’s license and vehicle travel license are both required for motorcycling in China. Besides, according to Campus Traffic Safety Regulations of Shandong University, motorcycle is forbidden to enter campus. The University will continue to verify the violations of motorcycling for international students, and those who are confirmed to have violated the Regulations will receive a disciplinary warning by an announcement from the University and for the scholarship students, they cannot get the scholarship any more. After that warning, another violation of regulations will lead to dismissal from the University.


Public Security Bureau

Department of International Affairs

Shandong University

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