[Important!] Attendance and Disciplines (latest update)
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International students are required to attend the class on time (no late, no leave early and no absence). Those students who are absent from class without any reason will take disciplinary punishment according to the severity of their behavior.

At the end of the semester,

If student is absent for more than 10 credits hrs, he/she will get a warning paper;

If student is absent for more than 20 credits hrs, he/she will get a serious warning paper;

If student is absent for more than 30 credits hrs, he/she will get a demerit recording;

If student is absent for more than 40 credits hrs, he/she will get suspension;

If student is absent for more than 60 credits hrs, he/she will be expelled from school and never being readmitted.



1.   Anyone attend the class late for 15 minutes is equal to absence and leaving early without the teacher’s permission is equal to leave early. If student is late more than 15 minutes will not be allowed to join that class.

2. A class usually takes 2 to 4 credit hours. Each time you are absent from the class, you would lose relevant credit hours. For example, if you are absent once from Human Anatomy, 4 credit hours are deducted.

3. Those students whose absence or total leave hours (including the hours which you asked for leave) are more than one fifth of class hours of a course (including 1/5) cannot take part in the final examination of that course. For example, if a student was absent or on leave for 10 credits hours from Neuroanatomy (48 hours in total), he/she would lose the chance of taking Neuroanatomy exam.

4. Office will check the attendance randomly. If there is any emergency, please ask for leave first (office Tel No.: 88382725.). Any excuse after the attendance checking is unacceptable.

5. If anyone does not appear in the class when the teacher checks attendance, it will be considered as absence.



- This new regulation of attendance will be carried out from September, 2016 -


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