Procedure for applying JW202 Form
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If students want the JW202 form for visa application, you shall send the following materials to the International Affairs Office.

1.      the copy of your passport. If you have a new and an old one, please provide both.

2.      the copy of your visa

3.      the copy of the residence permit.

4.      the application form (do fill out your phone number and address. You can download it from Forms and FAQ).

Students may please your friends to give the materials to the office and the office will give out the Jw202 form in 1 or 2 weeks.

Address of the Office: Room 306, C Box, Mingde Building, Shanda Main Campus.

The JW202 form is used for applying Visa in a foreign country to China. Students shall pay 160 for it and please remember to ask for the receipt. It usually takes 2 weeks, so please be aware of this and apply early.


Contact person:  HU Shuang (Miss Hu)

Tel: 0531-883 64854


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