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[updated on 20 June] Poor attendance students
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In order to take the exams, our school attendance regulation requires you to take a certain number of credit hours of class.

Therefore, the following students have missed more than 1/5 of total credit hours (including 1/5) are NOT allowed to take exams next week.


Subjects Total credit hrs 1/5 hrs
Nuclear Medicine 32 7
Pathophysiology 96 20
Molecular Biology 48 10
Cell Biology 48 10


Grade Student No. English Name Chinese Name Can not take the exam of
2014 201416230041 KATHRADA MUHAMMAD 纳达 Nuclear Medicine
201416230042 Akoonjee Waseem 沃森 Nuclear Medicine
201416230044 NAZEER YASEEN 亚新 Nuclear Medicine
201416230048 SUBBADU LYNDON 利奥 Nuclear Medicine
201416230128 MOOLA MUHAMMAD UZAIR 莫拉 Nuclear Medicine
2015 201516230003 Jeffrey Liu 刘翊亮  Molecular Biology
201516230037 Mansour Shirikazemabadi 曼叟 Molecular Biology
201516230062 CHIDAMBER KARTHIKEYAN 柯岩 Molecular Biology
201516230065 NAVEEN RAJ THANGAMANI 格马尼 Molecular Biology
201516230120 Francis Chang 张立鑫 Molecular Biology
201516230136 NAVANEETHA KRISHNAN VELU 伟路 Molecular Biology
201516230139 JASSIM NIZAM 杰斯木 Molecular Biology
201616230089 RISHUB SHANTHA KUMAR 李素 Cell Biology
201616240201 Maher Ahmad Alahmar 马哈尔 Cell Biology
201616240235 ABDULLATIF E M A ALENEZI 付恒 Cell Biology
201616240236 Ahmad Albrak 安泽 Cell Biology


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