SRC's Quiz Evening
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The Quiz Evening burst onto the scene on the night of May 25 as a packed east library quickly fell into place. The excitement extended to its spectators and the entire room felt alive. Contestants eagerly chatted amongst themselves, while spectators put bets on who they thought would win. Dr. Yao Wei from the office attended the event.

The quiz lasted for more than one hour and the tension really was palpable. The event saw eight teams competing for supremacy. Each team had a buzzer and each buzzer had at least one person with an itchy trigger finger! Every question was well structured and medically relevant. And come the end of the evening there was at least one thing we knew for sure, Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine is home to some truly bright inpiduals.  

By the end of the night Team two had claimed victory in this battle of the brains. Their team consisted of Waseem Vahed, Ong Suet Yee, Nevorn Somaru, Ahmed Abdullatif Salah, Deon Nel and Arsil Saadi. Congratulations on an outstanding performance.

The SRC (Student Representative Council) took its first steps that evening, giving many a glimpse of what is to come. It was a hugely successful event, filled with passion, excitement and loads of fun.

( Photos: Francis Zhang   Author: Naadir Akoodie   Editor: Guijie Li )

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