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Student Body First Meeting of the International Students
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Friday the 9th of December, 2016, marked the first meeting of the International Students’ Body. The meeting was held on Double Dorms, a clear reflection that the aim of this Body is to identify and understand the needs of the International Students here at Medical Campus. The Body has just been established and the initial steps in improving various aspects in student life, studies and communication with the International Students’ Affairs Office are already in progress. The members of the Student Body are quite enthusiastic and positive in the potential outcomes of what they can achieve.  Ms June Li and Dr Syed Mohsin Ali, Arthi Bahadoor who are actively involved and represent both the International Students’ Affairs Office and the Post Graduates respectively, have thrown their invaluable guidance and support behind this Student Body- wisdom and dedication is a sure recipe for success.
We are proud to announce the members of this year’s Student Body:
G2013: Arthi Bahadoor
        Armin Ghavamian
        Naeem Khan
        Joseph Waweru Mwai
        Duran Naidoo
        Kirtly Hirshil Naidoo
       Tyrell Naicker
        Davenita Reddy
G2014.1: Naadir Akoodie
         Zeenat Bismilla
         Yvonne Esterhuizen
         Tevin Lyle Pillay
G2014.2: Louwrens Lotz
          Keshini Munthree
         Christiaan Watson
G2015:  Nagarajan Sethuraman
        Jeet Ghanshyam Sunariwal
        Bhargav Ganapathi
        Ekansh Tiwari
G2016:  Mayuri Gajanan Khapekar
       Jude Maimo
       Muhammad Omeir
       Rishub Shanthakumar

The current focus of the Student Body is Student Academics, Alumni, Publicity and Interaction. The Student Body Members are dedicated, motivated and united- hoping to make positive waves.



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