Guidance for free usage of the Campus Network 2018-04-11
School time 2016-10-12
Visa/ Residence Permit Hints for International Students of Shandong University 2016-09-14
Relationships between tuition fee payment and your visa extension 2016-09-04
How to extend your visa? 2016-09-04
Local police station and Registration 2016-09-04
How to Apply For Leave? 2016-09-04
[forwarded] Notification: Motorcycle 2016-09-04
[Important!] Attendance and Disciplines (latest update) 2016-09-04
Dress Code for Intentional Students Doing Rotation, Probation, and Pre-probation in Hospitals 2015-09-09
Guideline for USMLE Log-in in the Library 2015-04-08
NOTICE About Motorbike 2013-12-19
SDU Application Information for International Students--Year 2014 2013-11-13
Admission Requirements for Bachelor, Master and doctoral degree of Shandong University School of ... 2013-05-27
Club Information in Baotuquan Campus 2013-05-27
Tips of Contactin with the Office 2013-04-19
Map of Medical Campus 2013-03-27
Procedure for applying JW202 Form 2013-01-22
FAQ for 2013 MBBS Applicants 2013-01-17
MBBS Application Materials and Procedure of 2013 Spring Semester 2013-01-15

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