The “Students Development Consulting” Course Was Launched by the School of Basic Medical Sciences
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This semester, the School of Basic Medical Sciences launched a course named “Students Development Consulting” geared to the needs of the international medical students of the MBBS program. 28 Freshmen from Grade 2020 selected this course as the first batch of students.

The “Students Development Consulting” course is open to international medical students based on the development needs of the students and the training objectives of the university. It is composed of two modules: the freshman orientation module named “As an international medical student”, and the development consulting module named “Growing up in SDU healthily”. Module I includes an overview of China, Shandong and Shandong University, Chinese law and regulations introduction, safety education, visas and resident permits instruction, teaching affairs introduction, etc. Module II helps international students to adjust to their life in China from a comprehensive perspective, so as to finish their study successfully and become competent medical professionals.

This course is an innovative course opened by international students’ counselors from the MBBS education center of School of Basic Medical Sciences. Not only international students but also the teachers will benefit from this attempt.

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