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Diary in Shandong University By IKRAN MAHAMOUD Feb.2,2018
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2018山大日记:基础医学院留学生 依卡

2月2日 星期五 晴
  My name is IKRAN MAHAMOUD, from the Republic of Djibouti. I started studying in Shandong University School of Medicine in March 2013, since that I have learned a lot and experienced a lot, among which taking part in the competition was the most important one.
  This competition was the first of its kind for international students in China, everything started on October 28th Saturday when our CR informed us that there is competition and the school arranged an interview to evaluate the student who will like to take part.
  I took a part and did the interview. I was really stressed and didn't know how this will go beside that we didn't have any information about the competition but it went fine and I have been one of the student the school have chosen.
  After that we started the training and getting ready for the competition at the training center of the Shandong Provincial Hospital. We got 30 clinical procedures to master it in three weeks including Internal medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics and First Aid. Our training was five days in week from 8:30 AM morning to 5:30 PM at afternoon and sometimes to 7:00 PM, every day we were covering 3 to 4 procedures with encouraging, motivating and supporting instructors and Chinese student volunteer assistants who were translating and helping us to understand more. At the beginning, language barrier was the first thing which came to our mind but our teachers did their best to make us understand with many ways even sometimes with body language and signs, I believe that the language barrier that we are all scared of isn’t a problem because if you want to do anything you can do it.
  The training center is a place where you can start training from the base like IV injections to laparoscopy, where we mastered all the 30 procedures even though we practiced this before in school and hospital but this was different because here we had to limit the time and do it in proficiency way.
  We finish our training within 3 weeks then we left Jinan and went to Tianjin where the competition was held, at that night we couldn't sleep well we were all stressed. Next day we went to Tianjin Medical University, and 28 universities around China participate in this competition, including 4 students from each university in total 104 students. The competition was two rounds, the first part was held in the morning in this part we did 6 stations covering Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and pediatrics. Only 13 of 28 universities went to the second round of the competition. In the second part we did first aid for patient who was suffering an amputation of limbs, we did well on this and we have been the second winners even though everybody was a winner because of their participation.
  This was great experience and good chance for me. I have learned a lot and got many new amazing friends and get introduced to one of the best mentors who just been like a family for us.
  I want to thank Shandong University School of Basic Medical Sciences, my mentors Prof. Qi and my wonderful team members PITOUT DERICK, GHAVAMIAN ARMIN, and REDDY SIMMY for this experience.

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