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Diary in Shandong University By Makasa Mwamba Nov 11,2018
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2018山大日记:基础医学院MBBS留学生 Makasa Mwamba

11月9日 星期五 晴

On Wednesday afternoon, after my classes for the day were done, I would like to reflect on some of the highlights of this semester so far. This was one of them:

On 25th October, 2018, we, G2017, were accorded the amazing opportunity to do Neuroanatomy class presentations by our Professor, YuchunTang.

Our class had been split into four groups for effective learning. So, each group was tasked to do presentations on the Nervous pathways. These included the Corticospinal tract, corticonuclear tract, auditorypathway, visual pathway, spinothalamic tract and medial lemniscus etc. This was meant to deepen our understanding of the pathways and their functions. Every individual was given the opportunity to present though we still had to work together with our group members.

The lovely Thursday afternoon came to be and all the students came into the class a little nervous but more so vibrant and ready to do their presentations.Our professor gave us a warm welcome and allowed us to be ‘the teacher’ for the day.Thereafter,each student went up to the front and did a presentation on a particular nervous pathway.It was an interesting and delightful experience to see our fellow classmates express themselves as they did their presentations, to see even the most shy students step out and do great presentations too. Some students used the blackboard to draw out the pathways while others used some diagrams to explain and make clear the route the nervous pathway takes.

As one student after the other went up to do their presentations, one could see that our faces brightened up because the information became more and more familiar-it was an amazing feeling, learning was taking place.

All in all, it was a great experience. It allowed us to learn from one another. Also, it gave us the platform to express ourselves which is good preparation for the future when we will have to interact with other doctors as well as patients.






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